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2007-2008 Top Teams!

The Second Gomez Family Food Drive has come to an end! 

This year YOU raised 53, 055 lbs of food! 
...thats almost 80,000 cans!

The top teams in order are...... 

1. Desert Ridge Junior High School 
2. Humphrey Elementary 
3. Red Mountain High School 
4. Towne Meadows Elementary
5. Brownie Troop # 83 
6. Teen Trend Magazine
7. The Journey Begins Now

The team that collected the most cans was Desert Ridge Junior High with 27,500 cans that went to United Food Bank! 

The team that collected the most cans per person was Humphrey with 48.45 cans per person that went to United Food Bank. 

Way to go everyone! You made it another great year!!!! 

A very special thanks needs to go out to Barry Harris for your hard work and donation!
2006-2007 Top Teams
The First Gomez Family Food Drive has been a success thanks to all of you!!!!

As a whole we collected 78,957 lbs for food banks across the country!

Thats over 100,000 cans of food!!!!

Due to the generousity of an Arizona business man, Joe Riley, owner of National Auto Mart, we will be able to give out more donations. Joe Riley, in the spirit of team effort, has matched Hunter's donation and would like to award the money to the teams that collectively collected the most cans. This will mean that the top four donations will go to the teams that collected the most cans per person, and the most cans total. We will be giving out double the donations!! : )

The $1500 donation will go to:
Humphrey Elementary &
Desert Ridge Middle School

The $500 donation will go to:
Girl Scout Troops 163/84 &
Red Mountain High School

The $250 donation will go to:
South Summit Elementary &
Towne Meadows Elementary

The$150 donation will go to:
Fox Valley Council  &
Noah Webster Basic School

Because everyone did such an amazing job the donation of $100 will go to:
Dobson High School
Teen Trend Magazine
Spar & Spindle Troops
Brownie Troop 83
Arizona International Academy

The most food collected by a team was 31,356 lbs of food! Congratulations Desert Ridge! 
The most cans collected by a team per person was 83 cans per person! Congratulations Humphrey Elementary!
Way to go everyone!!!!!

A special thanks to Rachelle Brehm and Jamie Falkowitz for their companies generous donations.

Hunter Gomez
Hunter Gomez from National Treasure and The Family Guy wants to donate money to the 5 "teams" that collect the most cans!

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