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The Rules

To be eligible to enter to join the canned food drive you must be:

1. A school (public or private) grades K-12.

2. A club that is registered with a state or national organization or with a school (public or private grades K- 12.)  For Example (including but not limited to) National Junior Honors Society, National Honors Society, TARS, TADS, School sports teams.. etc.

3. A group that is supervised under a state or national organization. For Example, Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts.

4. A church of any religion that is recognized by their state as a non-profit organization.
5. If a school has already registered and a club from that same school wants to register separately that will be allowed.

6.If two clubs from the same school want to register, that will also be allowed, as long as the school gives both clubs permission.
7. If a grade or classroom of a school wants to register as a group, that will be allowed as long as the school gives them permission.  

8. If a grade or class wants to register as a team, they will be allowed, as long as the school gives them permission.

All Schools, Clubs, Churches or Organization will be considered a team. The team must:

1. Find a non-profit organization in their community to donate the collected cans to.

2. Find an adult supervisor to count and sign-off on the total number of cans collected, who is willing to verify this information with us via phone. This adult must agree to be responsible for helping the kids get the cans to the non-profit organization.

3. Have an employee from the non-profit organization the cans are collected for, sign-off on the number of cans donated, and be willing to verify this information via phone.  

4. It is the “teams” responsibility to keep track of the cans, keep signatures from both adults, and make sure the cans are donated to the non-profit organization of their choice.


The team must supply the following information to the e-mail address provided:

1. The e-mail address is:

2. The team must e-mail:

            a. The School, Group, Church or  Organizations

            b. A contact name and number for the adult supervising           
                the team.

            c. A name and contact number for the non- profit organization
               the cans will be
donated to.

            d. The number of people on the "team". (For Example, are you a                     school  of 200 or a school club of 7.)

            e. The team must write that they have read and agree with all of 
                 rules and regulations listed on the website.     
3. Once a month the “team” will be asked to send an updated number of how many cans they have collected. This information will not be displayed on the website until December 1st. However, we will need the can counts from the teams once a month so we may post an accumulative can count every month.
4. The Website will also display the name of the "team" and the non-profit organization they are donating to, the city and state the team is from.
* no personal names or contact information will be given out to anyone outside of the Gomez Family Food Drive committee. Nor will it be listed on the website. This information will not be sold, listed or given out for any reason.
5. Please allow time for website to update.  

The Last Day of the Count

  1. The last day of the count will be Feburary 1st 2008.  
  2. All cans must be counted and donated by Feburary 1st of 2008.
  3. The team is responsible for getting the final number e-mailed to the given e-mail address by Feburary 1st 2008 at midnight Eastern Standard Time.
  4. The top ten teams who collect the most cans will be contacted. The signatures must be provided and a call to both adults will be made to make sure that the total number of cans collected was correct, and donated by that date. A
    1. If sufficient proof is not given that the named number of can’s were not collected and donated the team will not receive a donation.
    2. If this happens, the team who collects the 6th highest number will be moved up to the 5th place.
    3. If there is a tie for highest number: the donation for the highest and second highest will be added and divided equally among the top teams.
      1. This same formula will apply for  ties through 5th place.
      2. The total donation will not exceed $3500; Therefore should there be more than 5 top teams; those teams will share the $3500 equally. Which would eliminate donations two through five.
        1. For example: If 5 teams tie for the top collection spot. The $3500 would be divided into 5; and each team would get $500.

5. A plaque will be given to the top ten teams. Please allow at least three weeks for the plaque to be made and delivered.
6. The top ten teams will be displayed on the website. The team must submit a photo by March 9th 2007 to have it added to the website. A team does not have to have their picture on the website.


The Donation

  1. The donation will be mailed within a week of the official announcement of the top teams.
  2. The official announcement and verfications will be done by Feburary 28th 2007.
  3. The donation will be made by check payable to the name of the school, group, church or club. Checks will not be made out into an individuals name for any reason.  
  4. The donations will be given as such:
      1. Highest number of cans: $1500
      2. Highest number of cans per person: $1000
      3. Second highest number of cans: $500
      4. Second highest number of cans per person: $250
      5. Third highest number of cans: $100
      6. Third highest number of cans per person: $100
        1. The rules for tie have already been established. Please see above.
  5. For those people donating to food banks who measure their donations in pounds we will count one can as 1 pound of food.

In The Matter of being Fair
Because we want to give everyone a fair shot at being the team who collects the most cans, we are going to divide the number of cans by the number of team members. This will give us the number that will determine who has collected the most cans per person in case b, d, and f listed above. For example if we have a classroom of 30 people and they donate 60 cans, their number of cans per person is 2. If we have a school of 200 people and they donate 100 cans, they have 0.5 cans per person. That would make the team with the most cans the smaller classroom. ie 2 cans per team member is more than 0.5 can per team member. This will make it fair for even the smallest of teams, yet not put a disadvantage on the bigger teams.




We are highly concerned about the safety of everyone that participates in this food drive. This should be fun and safe. We ask that no team or person from a team ask for donations door to door.

In addition, we ask that the adult advisor approve and oversee all activites, collections, and delivery of cans. 

* We have the right to expell any group, church, club or organization that we feel doesn't meet the eligilibity requirments.
*Should any team break any state or federal law, they will be expelled from this activity and their information will be erased from the website.
*Should accepting donations be breaking the rules or law of any school, club, church, group, organization or state; this team will not be allowed to recieve the donation but is encouraged to participate in the food drive.
*If a team cannot accept a donation for any reason, the same amount of money will be put towards a cause or purchase of their choosing.
*This is not a contest. This is to encourage youths from all around the country to get involved with their community. The donation from Hunter Gomez is simply a thank you from Hunter for those trying to make a difference in the lives of others.
*Should there be a dispute of any kind for any reason, the final decision will be left up soley to The Gomez Family.
*Should The Gomez Family Food Drive have legal actions brought upon them by any agency, for reason of offering donations, we will sadly will not be able to do such. The intent of this offering is not to break any laws but only as a thank you and an offer of help to those teams that are willing to help those in their community. No matter what, we will continue to encourage participation and will maintain the website. All teams final counts will still be displayed and the top teams will be thanked on-line. 
We do not forsee this happening and fully intend on giving out these donations, unless there is a legality problem.

Hunter Gomez
Hunter Gomez from National Treasure and The Family Guy wants to donate money to the 5 "teams" that collect the most cans!

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How to Sign Up 
To sign up your school, group, church or club please first read the rules and regulations. Then submit the required information to

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