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About Hunter

14 year old Hunter Gomez is an actor and singer born and raised in Arizona. While Hunter is probably most widely recognized as the young Nicholas Cage in Disney's "National Treasure", or for his various voices on the hit TV show "Family Guy" on Fox, it is his community service and charity work that he hopes will someday be what he is remembered for. Hunter feels his acting has opened many doors for him. He has had the honor of working with and learning from many great actors such as Christopher Plummer, John Voight, Robert Picardo, Jane Sibbett and Jessica Simpson. The projects (some not yet released) that he has done with these wonderful actors for both TV and film have created opportunities for him to be invited to the many charity events that have become very important to him.

Hunter is no stranger to helping others, and started at the age of 4 when he, his sister Ashley, and his brother Austin gave their own beds away to children that had been homeless and living in a car but were being offered a permanent place to live on Christmas Eve by the Gomez family. His older sisters Tiffany and Krystle purchased gifts for the children, to complete the families Christmas. Ever since, with a understanding that many people suffer hardship, Hunter and his siblings have donated time and money to helping both people and animals.

While acting and singing are his passion, Hunter really enjoys the opportunities his acting has given him to help many worthy causes in their fundraising. Hunter has been involved with such wonderful charities as: Ronald McDonald, St. Jude's Children's hospital, The Cancer Hope Foundation, Save the Arts and has several upcoming events scheduled.

The events are a great chance to make a difference, even at 14. Hunter believes that kids can make a difference and he is doing what he can to prove that. His belief is that young people can make a difference especially when they work together. Hunter thinks everyone benefits, not only those in need but the teens themselves. "You feel better about yourself when you are helping others" Hunter says. "Being kind to others and helping those that are less fortunate than we are is so important" he says. He really hopes that he can encourage other kids to get involved in their communities and that is part of the reason he is putting up the money and working with his siblings to help create a national food drive. His hope is that kids from all over the country will join them in making a difference.

Hunter considers himself to be very lucky for all of these wonderful experiences and says he owes it all to the people that believe in him and continue to help him. Hunter hopes to continue to work and do good things for the community. Most of all, he hopes to make a difference in the lives of others.

Hunter Gomez
Hunter Gomez from National Treasure and The Family Guy wants to donate money to the 5 "teams" that collect the most cans!

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