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2nd Annual
       2007       Gomez Family
Food Drive

Ucando it!  ....and be eligible
                     to get a $1500 
                     * see details.  

The Gomez Family Food Drive total.... YOU raised over 132,012 pounds of food!

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What is The Gomez Family Food Drive?

In the last two years... YOU have collected 132,012 pounds of food for food banks across the country!!!!!

Three Easy Steps!
1. Register at
2. Collect and donate cans to a food bank in your community.
3. Be eligible for $1500 donation

This is the second annual

Gomez Family Food Drive!!

We wanted to find a way to get youths from all around the country involved in their community. Schools, Clubs, or Groups ( for example: a girl scout troop) will be able to sign up to join in the canned food drive. That group will then collect as many cans as possible and donate them to a non-profit organization in their own community that needs canned food. The group will need to keep count of the cans and have two adults sign off on the number they collect and donate. One adult must be from the non-profit organization the cans are donated to, and the other adult must be the advisor of the school, club, or group that is collecting the cans (for example a school principal, or a teacher.) As a thank you to the top five “teams” that collect and donate the most cans, Ashley Gomez, Austin Gomez and Hunter Gomez will be donating proceeds from recent checks to the teams for helping in their community. The team that collects and donates the most cans  total will have $1500 dollars donated back to their school, club or group. The "team" with  largest number of cans per person will receive a donation of $1000. The "team" with the second largest number of cans will receive a donation of $500. The "team" with thesecond largest number of cans per person will receive a donation of $250 and the "team"s with the third largest number  and cans per person will receive a donation of $100.  The top ten teams will receive a plaque in honor of their accomplishment, and will have their photo displayed on the website(if submitted to us).

. .
Hunter Gomez
Hunter Gomez from National Treasure and The Family Guy wants to donate money to the 5 "teams" that collect the most cans!

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How to Sign Up 
To sign up your school, group, church or club please first read the rules and regulations. Then submit the required information to

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